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The idea of a soul mate, or ‘the one,’ is remarkably dooming when you put the numbers behind it.

Protect one another Last, but not least, protect each other.

I had neither shame nor curiosity; I jumped to the conclusion that during close caresses somehow a subtle aroma arose from the man to fertilize the woman; I left the subject at this, satisfied, and had no inkling of the real intimacy of the embrace.

It certainly did not concern me. I mean, that ball gown? Shall, then, this human heart live for itself; gather and store up forits own delectation, for its own good? The preliminaries, the conversation of such women, especially their drinking habits, would have been disgusting and repugnant to him in the extreme. They laid thefoundations of man’s great achievement, civilisation, and were thefirst to worship the gods of light.