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Féré defines a painful stimulus as a strongexcitation which causes displays of energy which the will cannot utilize;when, as a result of diminished sensibility, the excitants are attenuated,the will can utilize them, and so there is no pain.153 These experimentshad no reference to the sexual instinct, but it will be seen at once thatthey have an extremely significant bearing on the subject before us, forthey show us the mechanism of the process by which in an abnormal organismpain becomes a sexual stimulant.

Three public baths (two for both men and women, who were also probably allowed to use the third occasionally) have so far been excavated in this small town, as well as at least three private bathing establishments (at least one of them for women), while about a dozen houses contain complete baths for private use.

The thymus, the adrenals, the thyroid, thepituitary, even the kidneys: it is possible that internal secretions fromall these glands may combine to fill in the complete picture of sexualityas we know it in men and women.16 The subject is, however, so complexand at present so little known that it would be hazardous, and for thepresent purpose it is needless, to attempt to set forth any conclusions.

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It is not difficult to show that the various forms in whichpainas we must here understand painis employed in the service of thesexual impulse are mainly manifestations or transformations of anger orfear, either in their simple or usually more complex forms, in some ofwhich anger and fear may be mingled. This is not strictly true, except as regards combinations andcharacters which vary only in a very slight degree from the generallyadmired type. I could not get a release but was happy that the time went and when Bujji asked me what time we started doing this I told her around 11:30 PM. According to one study, most people think it is.