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Barbara moaned under Elena’s teasing.

Kraepelin states that excessivemasturbation can only occur in a dangerous degree in predisposedsubjects; so, also, Forel and Löwenfeld, as at an earlier period,Trousseau.329 It is true that Marro, in his admirable and detailed studyof the normal and abnormal aspects of puberty, accepts a form ofmasturbatory insanity; but the only illustrative case he brings forward isa young man possessing various stigmata of degeneracy and the son of analcoholic father; such a case tells us nothing regarding the results ofsimple masturbation.330 Even Spitzka, who maintained several years agothe traditional views as to the terrible results of masturbation, andrecognized a special insanity of masturbation, stated his conclusionswith a caution that undermined his position: Self-abuse, he concluded,to become a sole cause of insanity, must be begun early and carried veryfar.

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The constant longing for love was affected little or not at all by hard work. Athenæus, in his frequent allusions to music, attributes to it many intellectual and emotional properties (e.g., Book XIV, Chapter XXV) and in one place refers to “melodies inciting to lawless indulgence” (Book XIII, Chapter LXXV). While very affectionate, his sexual desires are not strongly developed on the physical side, and seem never to have been so. Laughter as a Kind of Detumescence. Except when the male fails to play his part properly, she is usuallycomparatively passive; in the proper playing of her part she has to appearto shun the male, to flee from his approacheseven actually to repelthem.169Courtship resembles very closely, indeed, a drama or game; and theaggressiveness of the male, the coyness of the female, are alikeunconsciously assumed in order to bring about in the most effectual mannerthe ultimate union of the sexes.