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The art of understanding writing in cypher, and the writing of wordsin a peculiar way.

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The people of the Shurasena country, on the southern bank of the Jumna,do everything without any hesitation, for they say that women beingnaturally unclean, no one can be certain about their character, theirpurity, their conduct, their practices, their confidences, or theirspeech.

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As, however, he was married and had children, it may be that hewas, as we should now say, of bisexual temperament.

It is curiously rare to find a person, whether manor woman, who by choice exercises relationships with both sexes andprefers the opposite sex.

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Clothes became so gauze-like, and receded to such an extent fromthe limbs, that for a time the chemise was discarded as an awkward andantiquated garment. “He was a delicate, feeble boy; not good at work; womanish in his ways; inclined to go in for petty bullying, until a boy showed fight, when he discovered himself to be an arrant coward.

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