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In other fairly healthy young menthey seldom occur except at times of intellectual activity or of anxietyand worry.

My chosen lines of study had given me a theoretical knowledge of the anatomy of the female genital organs that was fairly thorough. SinceLove, after all, is a debtor and creditor affair. All these men talked to me with freedom and even told me about their sexual ideas and doings. My makeup and hair were a mess again. The ejaculator reflex, being habituated to this, seems to set in with its throbs when the maneuver is simulated, though no semen has yet been poured into the bulbous portion for the ejaculators to act upon.

In about two years’ time the teachers got to like me and thought me one of their nicest girls. Alain de Lille makes himself the voice of thisdemand.69A few years later, at the beginning of the fourteenth century, sodomy wasstill regarded as very prevalent. Their pursuit ofmen is thus determined by their flight from women. There are many facts to show that early spring and, to a certain extent,autumn are periods of visible excitement, mainly sexual in character. Why is it that the longings, the hopes, thedisappointments, the desperate aspirations, and the passionate loves oflittle human hearts should cause to their possessors such prepotentcommotions, such poignant qualms?

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Hirschfeld, however, in his Homosexualität is the first authority who has been able to deal with feminine homosexuality as completely co-ordinate with masculine homosexuality.

Eric leaned down and kissed her, pressing his tongue deep into her mouth, and she meets him with her tongue.

Serves them right, he thought.

I started falling in love with him and same for him. I may here refer to my own observations on this point in the preface. She still couldn’t hardly understand a thing from them, of course.