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Also the man must be sure that his wife reaches the orgasm or is at the point of it before he allows himself to ‘let go.’ Woman’s true function, as a woman, in the world is: to evoke man’s mostfervid emotions, and at the same time to keep them at their highestlevel. 129 Iwan Bloch, in The Sexual Life of Our Time, makes this distinctionas between homosexuality (corresponding to inversion) andpseudo-homosexuality. This extraordinary book is almost solely concerned with men; the author evidently regards the function of reproduction as almost exclusively appertaining to men. Assertiveness is expressing your own needs respectfully to other people.

Men need a woman who can satisfy their sexual desire, but who they can also share a sense of emotional closeness with.

That was the life I wanted.

Her young moist pussy was completely exposed and at the perfect height for me to take her.

ii, 1899) that this is also the case in Germany.

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85-87), also believes that modesty is not really a feminine characteristic.

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