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In the previous chapters Ihave dealt with the blending of both elements in the highest form oferoticism; in the following I will attempt to throw light on some of theprincipal phenomena resulting from a defective union of sexuality andlove, phenomena which I am convinced have never been correctlyinterpreted.

So far I have been discussing the question of the sexual impulse in womenon the ground upon which previous writers have usually placed it.

I am passionately fond of music, have an excellent piano, and can hear the best concerts in Europe.

47 and 1018 et seq.

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Without proper understanding on what your partner has to say, problems would eventually arise that may lead the relationship in the wrong direction. Marshall, again, in his standard manual, The Physiology of Reproduction (1910, p. 655 et seq. There is not a piece of sexual argot that ever had before reached my ears, remarks Mr. Tait, but was used by these children in the descriptions given by them of what had been done to them; and they introduced, in addition, quite a new vocabulary on the subject. It sounded as if April had set all sorts of new records. “cherchez l’homme”, or la femme.

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