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(Montaigne, Essais, book iii, chapter v.) The old physiologists generally mentioned the appearance of sexual desire in girls as one of the normal signs of puberty.

Hence,the majority of the children are born nine months later, when the fourmonths of perpetual night are beginning.

Next year he formed a passionate, but pure, friendship with a boy of 15.

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One could have a vapor bath only or a hot bath to succeed it, as in the East. The real distinction would seem, therefore, to be between a homosexualimpulse so strong that it subsists even in the presence of theheterosexual object, and a homosexual impulse so weak that it is eclipsedby the presence of the heterosexual object. The infant, the adult, the aged person, each hashis own kind of smell, and, as Monin remarks, it might be possible, withincertain limits, to discover the age of a person by his odor. The impulse in women is not only of at least equal moment, butit is far more obscure. If there is such a cycle analogous tomenstruation in women, it must be a recurring period of nervous erethism,and it must be demonstrably accompanied by greater sexual activity.