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Among prostitutes of whatever classor position Moraglia found masturbation (though it must be pointed outthat he does not appear to distinguish masturbation very clearly fromhomosexual practices) to be universal; in one group of 50 prostituteseveryone had practiced masturbation at some period; 28 began between theages of 6 and 11; 19, between 12 and 14, the most usual periodaprecocious oneof commencing puberty; the remaining 3 at 15 and 16; theaverage age of commencing masturbation, it may be added, was 11, whilethat of the first sexual intercourse was 15.300 In a larger group of 180prostitutes, belonging to Genoa, Turin, Venice, etc., and among 23elegant cocottes, of Italian and foreign origin, Moraglia obtained thesame results; everyone admitted masturbation, and not less than 113preferred masturbation, either solitary or mutual, to normal coitus. He was fucking my throat forcefully and my glasses fell to the floor as did some of my hair began to fall as well. It takes a very special, evolved person to be able to deal with change within a relationship. A few years ago she came across a book on sexual inversion which proved to be a complete revelation to her of her own nature, and, by showing her that she was not an anomaly to be regarded with repulsion, brought her comfort and peace. The largely objective character of beauty is further indicated by the fact that to a considerable extent beauty is the expression of health.

Certain parts ofthe body, like the mucous membrane of the mouth and anus, whichrepeatedly appear in such practices, lay claim as it were to beconsidered and treated as genitals. Sight occupies an intermediateposition, and on this account, and also on account of the very great partplayed by vision in life generally as well as in art, it is the mostimportant of all the senses from the human sexual point of view.

It is unnecessary to emphasize the existence of thisfactor, which has always to be taken into account in every considerationof sexual selection in civilized man.

Kleist as well as Henrietta had separatelyresolved to commit suicide, and when theyalmost accidentallyheard ofthis mutual intention, they conceived the idea of the new voluptuousnessof a common death.