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Among poets who have used the motive of homosexuality in women with more or less boldness may be found Lamartine (Regina), Swinburne (first series of Poems and Ballads), Verlaine (Parallèlement), and Pierre Louys (Chansons de Bilitis).

SummaryWhy the Influence of Music in Human Sexual Selection isComparatively Small.

It’s in the Bible, II Timothy 2:22, TLB.

It is a most common sight to see the boys taxing their resources in devising means of exposing their own excellencies, and often doing the most ridiculous and extravagant things.

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Schleiermacher also voiced theidea of the synthesis: “And why should we be arrested in this struggle(i.e., between love as the flower of sensuousness and the intellectualmystical component of love), when in all domains we are striving tobring the ideas, born by the new development of humanity, into harmonywith the result of the work of past ages?” They were practically bursting out of my top. This is clearly shown by Féré’selaborate experiments on the influences of odors, as compared with othersensory stimulants, on the amount of muscular work performed with theergograph.79 Commenting on the remark of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, that”man uses perfumes to impart energy to his passion,” Féré remarks: “Butperfumes cannot keep up the fires which they light.” And the tragedy of our fate is that we whose souls vibrate only to the touch of the hand of Eros are faced with the fiercest taboo of all that can give our lives meaning.

I eased open the door and watched Alexis and Olivia in a sixty-nine position with Alexis on top.

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