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Hungry, ready to pounce.

I dropped to my elbows and kissed her passionately for more than a moment.

It will be seen that my conclusions under this head are in strikingcontrast to those of Westphal, who believed that every invert regardedhimself as morbid, and probably show a much higher proportion ofself-approving inverts than any previous series.224 This is largely dueto the fact that the cases were not obtained from the consulting-room, andthat they represent in some degree the intellectual aristocracy ofinversion, including individuals who, often not without severe struggles,have found consolation in the example of the Greeks, or elsewhere, andhave succeeded in attaining a modus vivendi with the moral world, asthey have come to conceive it.

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I reviewed my life of the last four years. My first initiation into the mysteries of sex was at the hands of the dormitory servant, who showed me his penis when he woke me in the mornings, and masturbated me when he gave me my hot bath on a Saturday night. Many a lover suffering from unrequited love, is born withthe tendency to become unhappy, with a secret will to the voluptuousnessof pain and melancholy; he will enjoy his unhappiness, perhaps becomeproductive through it. It found its climax in Danteand Eckhart, the greatest poet of the Neo-Latin race, and the mostillumined religious genius of Germany. Not ‘What will you do for him?’

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